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Leadership Tips: Deal with Your Frustrations…Now

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Today is International Moment of Frustration Day. I had never heard of this day before, but what a great opportunity for us all to kick our frustrations out the door. Admit it… we all need a little nudging about this at times.

When I worked in commercial real estate, I once had a team member who continually described his frustrations – from our sales strategy to the quality of our office coffee. Our whole team knew many of his frustrations; actually, they jokingly recited them at times. Until one day our team leader told him to quit his complaining or leave (there were a few more expletives in there). Much to our surprise, my teammate apologized to all of us. He said he appreciated the wakeup call. He didn’t really even understand the effects it was having on his team...let alone him.

Could this be you? Or someone around you?

When frustrations fester in the workplace, it is really unhealthy. In corporate America, we sometimes call these frustrations the elephant in the room. That thing that we know and feel compelled to not talk about, because the consequences may not be “pleasant”. At Fierce, we call them Mokitas. And we don’t want them near us, so we have to talk and deal with what bothers/scares/surprises us.

This week’s tip is to deal with your frustrations in a constructive way. There are many ways to deal with your frustrations from reflection to seeking help to just letting it go. No matter what you choose, your goal should be to end your week with a lighter load than you started with.

The longer you hang out with your frustrations, they more they are not going to serve you. They need to be dealt with. And if you really get this, do it now. No more excuses.


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