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Leadership Tips: Delegate, Don’t Dele-Dump

What does “delegate that” mean in your organization? For most organizations, that statement means get rid of a task you currently own as fast as possible.

Often times, this is more of what one of our clients fondly calls “dele-dumping”. This is when you say, “Let me take all of these tasks that waste my time and throw them on your desk.” This may be accomplished without making eye contact as you run away as fast as you can. It is almost like a drive by.

The thing is: Delegation is an often misused or under-utilized form of development – whether in the office or at home.

When you look at delegation that way, it may get some juices flowing. What is currently on your plate that if someone else had that responsibility, you would be freed up to take on something else? In that circumstance, both people have more opportunity to grow.

And don’t worry individual contributors, if you don’t have someone to directly delegate to, then you can get resourceful about new things you want to take on while looking at what can be streamlined or changed that is on your plate.

This week’s tip is to reflect on your current responsibilities and highlight three that are no longer the best use of your time. Start to have the conversations about shifting those to someone else in order to free up your time for new things and ALSO help you, your team, and your organization grow.

If you start to look at delegation as development, you may be less inclined to run away when someone says, “I have something to delegate to you.”

Your response may very well be: thank you.


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