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Leadership Tips: Don’t Be Shy, Show Gratitude in Your Workplace

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During the Thanksgiving holidays in the United States, we often focus on giving thanks to family and friends. We eat and celebrate during our days off and have much needed relaxation time. Some of us travel to the other side of the country to reconnect. Others curl up at home.

Before you leave the office (mentally or physically) to enjoy the holiday, this week’s tip is to show gratitude and encourage its expression in your workplace. Think about your colleagues and teammates. You most likely spend more time with them than your family and friends.

What stands out to you? What will you do to show appreciation? How can you help your team show it?

One idea is to supply cards for team members to write notes to one another expressing appreciation. The goal is to make each note very specific and share why it is significant to the team and/or organization. Encourage employees to focus on how colleagues make their lives easier and/or more enjoyable.

What other ways are you going to show gratitude in your workplace this week?

(And bonus, if you want a gratitude exercise for your Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, here is my family’s is my family’s.)

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