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Leadership Tips: Don’t Fake It

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Fake it until you make it. We have all heard this phrase before. This is an appropriate notion when you are letting self-doubt or the imposter syndrome creep in. However, it is not great to fake it when it comes to who you are in situations – whether at work or at home.

I was recently interviewed by Business News Daily about getting “personal” through the interview process. Any time we are in new situations, whether given new challenges or working with new people, there is an inclination to be who someone else wants you to be. The article dives into how the modern workplace has relaxed a bit from the "strictly business" environment of decades past, and the lines between work and play have blurred as the standard 9-to-5 workday becomes less common. It can be challenging to find how to bring your “blended” work-life self into the workplace.

It’s worth being true to yourself though. One study found that the greater employees’ feelings of authenticity are, the greater their job satisfaction, engagement, and self-reported performance. We suggest, then, that the crucial point is finding a balance so that we can be true to ourselves while flourishing and finding success within the company and life.

Given that, this week’s tip is to be yourself in situations that you may act differently. Notice the situations that you are inclined to “fake it” or not be real. Is it at home? With your family? With your friends? At work? With certain team members? During certain projects?

Pay attention and tune in. A lot is at stake.


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