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Leadership Tips: Embrace Change

Embrace Change

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.— George Bernard Shaw

Change is hard. We all know. And we all have different tolerances for it, based on our experiences.

I am the daughter of a Naval Officer, and growing up I lived in 12 houses before I was 18 years old. My friends joke and say that I was a “change manager” before I ever went into the human capital space. The thing is – change was always hard – even when I had a lot of it. We are deeply wired to stay in our comfort zone. However, I know I grew a lot, because I was continually uncomfortable. I had to be okay with being vulnerable and open to learning new things and making new friends.

I remind myself of that.

Where can you embrace variation in your life? Is it at work? Is it at home? Is it with your routines? Or with people?

This week’s tip is to embrace change somewhere in your life.

We work hard at being comfortable with change at Fierce. One of our values is to innovate with intention. We explain it like this: Fierce has made a splash since the moment we took our name. Few organizations have presented such originality, creativity, and forward thinking. We aim to keep it that way.



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