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Leadership Tips: Embrace Multiple Points of View

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As the 2012 year comes to a close we begin to start planning for the year ahead. Budgets, strategy plans, changes in policy- now is when we take the time to reflect on where we’ve been to determine where we’re going.

This week’s Fierce Tip is for leaders to enter this process with an open head and heart and to embrace as many different points of view as possible.

While it’s necessary to have the decision making process stay with a smaller subset of leaders, it is critical that they collect the information necessary to make informed and thoughtful determinations for the upcoming year. This can’t happen if only leadership is consulted.

For example, want to cut spending next year? Then take the time to speak with your administrative staff about wasteful spends within your organization. Support roles might be able to help the organization find a way to cut costs without touching specific budgets.

The reality is the answers are within the company and productive leaders will realize that every of level can inform the larger picture.


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