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Leadership Tips: Engage with an Opposing Point of View

BLOG-08.26.13 Leadership Tips: Engage with an Opposing Point of View - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

One of my favorite Bob Dylan songs is “A Satisfied Mind”. In the lyrics he says, “How many times have you heard someone say, if I had his money I'd do things my way.” I often think of this line when I look at leaders, and make a judgement of what I might do if I were in their position.

When you look from the outside in, it can be easy to pass judgment when it’s all hypothetical.

This week’s tip challenges all of us, whether you are in a formal leadership role or not, to participate in one of the more difficult aspects of being a leader: Engage, with an open mind and heart, with an opposing point of view.

Leadership is more than a job title - it’s a state of mind. We can all participate and see how we handle the pressure of being someone who chooses to lead by going deeper. We can all ask: Do I only surround myself with “yes-people”? Or do I engage with those that challenge me?

At the end of the week look back and ask yourself: What kind of leader have I been?


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