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Leadership Tips: Engage with Halloween Spirit

Fierce Ideas (purple lightbulb)

In the United States this week, Halloween will be celebrated with activities like pumpkin carving and dressing up in costumes. And for many (including myself), eating more candy this week than I do all year.

Yes, those things may seem juvenile or trivial. So, why should we celebrate Halloween at work? Well it can be great to be pushed in new ways, to act silly, and to not take ourselves so seriously. Doing new activities together as a team allows everyone to learn new things about each other.

If you buy into that notion at all, regardless of your role, suggest participating in festive activities with your colleagues. It is not just management’s responsibility to engage. It lives with all of us.

In fact, a group of Fiercelings created time for pumpkin carving a couple years ago, and it was an absolute blast mixed with brand pride (hence our fierce pumpkin above). We have some things up our sleeves this year too!

So it is your turn now. This week’s tip is to be festive at work and embrace the Halloween spirit. Some ideas are:

    • Host a costume contest


    • Hold a vote for best scary story


    • Decorate your space


    • Hold a pumpkin carving contest


    • Organize trick-or-treating at your office for employees’ children

What are you going to do? And if you are dressing up, please do share your costume pictures.


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