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Leadership Tips: Engagement is Everything

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On the eve of marrying my husband, my grandmother, who had been married to my grandfather for 50 plus years, gave me some advice. I don't know what I was expecting, and I was struck by the simplicity of her words. She told me that as long as we both want it, we'll be fine. She said trouble begins to brew when both parties aren't engaged. And most importantly, the key to never having this happen is to never stop communicating. The truth is that this sage advice has served me beyond my relationship with my husband; this rule can be applied to almost all relationships.

Engagement is everything; both parties have to want to be there, showing up, working at it, and building towards something. To do that, you have to be authentic, make time, expel the energy, and have the conversations.

This week, Fierce is at the 2014 Training Magazine Conference & Expo in San Diego with learning professionals who spend their days providing the training necessary for the employees within their organizations to  foster engaged relationships.  It's not always easy to do. Engagement is not a static state of mind. It's active and the way to maintain engagement at a high level is in the conversations that happen, day in and day out.

This week, focus on these questions: How do you stay engaged? How do you keep others engaged?

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