Leadership Tips: Face Your Leadership Fears

BLOG-08.19.13 Fierce Conversations Blog - Fierce, Inc.

As a leader, it can be alluring to let fear dictate your decisions. No risk = no failure, and in the short term, that type of thinking might seem easier. However, the nature of fear can be debilitating and oftentimes can leave you stuck in the same place. As a savvy leader you know that in order to progress, innovate, and accomplish your goals – forward movement is necessary.

This week’s tip encourages you to look at what your leadership fears are and to ask yourself: What scares me to my core about being a leader? About achieving my goals?

Take this opportunity to begin to have conversations around those fears. If you think your fear has inhibited your and your team's progress in any way, go to your team and call that out. Then ask them how they might move forward.

You may have someone ready to solve that scary problem for you.