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Leadership Tips: Feedback Fuels a Transparent Culture

BLOG-12-16-13 Leadership Tips: Feedback Fuels a Transparent Culture - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

This month I’ve talked about transparency and trust. It definitely got a reaction, and the dialogue got me thinking: What fuels a culture of transparency?

For me, one very tangible aspect of a transparent culture  is one that provides constant and robust feedback, at all levels whether it’s top down or up the ladder.

These are cultures that shy away from anonymous feedback, and instead, give the space to share positive and constructive feedback. Feedback conversations can be tough when the relationship is not there. The reason is because the relationship is built through prior conversations that are open and honest and  show that you care enough to put the energy into one another.

This week ask yourself: How often do we provide feedback? Does that impact our transparency?


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