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Leadership Tips: Get Real

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At Fierce, we do not have annual performance reviews. The goal is to have open, honest conversations, 365 days a year, with the people central to your success – set aside rank and title. Talking about performance is one of many conversations you should be having with your leaders and team.

In the vein of progress, one of the other conversations we have started to have with our fierce team members consists of self-evaluation, on a bi-annual basis, his or her meaning and growth around each of the Fierce core values.

One of our Fierce values is Be Real.

We describe it like this: There is no faking it at Fierce. We present ourselves—our capabilities and our knowledge—exactly as we are. We don’t pretend to be anything we aren’t. We are transparent with each other and our clients, and we embrace what makes each of us unique.

We ask our employees how they are aligning with our value “be real”. What does this value mean to them? What does it look like?

So in the spirit of one of the Fierce values, this week’s tip is to get real. Are you having the conversations you need to have with the people central to your success?

If not, today is a good time to start.


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