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Leadership Tips: Give Positive Feedback

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Thanksgiving is this week in the United States. Many of us take time off work and share meals with family and friends. We often pause on this holiday to express our gratitude (here is a conversation my family has).

So, how can you focus on gratitude in your workplace this week?

An easy way is to give positive feedback. Positive feedback is essential for creating a healthy working environment. Everyone is responsible for giving it – not just designated leaders.

This week’s tip is to share positive feedback with at least three people in your organization. 

Think about it. Has your colleague gone out of his or her way to help with a project? Are you grateful for how someone is showing up? Has your team hit it out of the park? Share that.

When giving positive feedback, make sure to describe the actions with plenty of details. Then describe the significance and impact for you and others. Make it sincere and real.

Who will you give feedback to this week?


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