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Leadership Tips: Have a Liberating Fourth of July Conversation

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A core Fierce philosophy is: “While no single conversations is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship or a life - any single conversation can”. And I would add “the trajectory of a country.”

On this fourth of July holiday in the United States, we celebrate the inception of our nation. As collective citizens, we are where we are today as a direct result of all of the conversations we have had and not had – in our courtrooms, in our schools, in our communities, and in our homes.

While it may seem like an impossible question to answer: How can our current dialogue of blame, fear, and name-calling ever shift in US politics?

Well, it shifts one conversation at a time. And it starts with the individuals.

Many people in our country seem resistant to get curious, put their egos aside, and start building the relationships needed to make the best decisions for the country. Yet, we know this is attainable.

At Fierce, we have the privilege of seeing this firsthand. We oftentimes see large organizations, in all industries and fields, get fierce, and shift in ways they never thought possible.

This week’s fierce tip is to have a fourth of July conversation that entertains a perspective that you do not necessarily agree with. Get curious but don’t become judgmental. You must model the kind of behaviors you want your peers, your neighbors, and your fellow citizens to embody.

We are the culture of our country. Each one of us. It is time for us all to take that a little more seriously.

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