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Leadership Tips: Have a Mid-Year Check-In

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At the end of this week, July begins. It signifies the middle of the year. A halfway point.  

In our Feedback program, we talk about waypoints. The definition of a waypoint is a reference point in physical space used for purposes of navigation. When you think about the last time you used Google or Apple Maps to navigate, you probably didn’t take one straight line to get from Point A to Point B. There was probably some redirecting involved – traffic you didn’t expect; construction you may not have known about. You needed points along the way to pivot, to turn, and sometimes, U-turn.

Each piece of feedback you receive is a waypoint. It’s an opportunity to check-in and see how you are trending towards your goals; how you are navigating your life, your relationships, and your career.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to pause and give feedback to yourself and check-in. I’ve talked about reflecting quite a few times on this blog. I always love to share the ROI of it as well: Leaders and employees alike who take time to reflect on their successes and their mistakes at work perform 20-25% better than those who do not.

This week’s fierce tip is to have a mid-year check-in with yourself and team members. Here are three core questions to ask yourself:

    • When you look back on the past six months, what are you proudest of? Least proud of?


    • When you look forward, what is the most important goal for you to accomplish in 2016?


    • What are the conversations most central for achieving that goal?



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