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Leadership Tips: Have a Performance Conversation 


As you come into work this Monday, do you have curiosity around your performance? Do you know where you stand with yourself, your leader, and your colleagues in relation to your efforts?

Don't wait until something formal is scheduled to have the conversation. If you had one recently, have another with a different lens.

With any goal, getting feedback and refining what is working and not working is critical for growth and success. 

Each member on my team gives me one area of focus/feedback every quarter, so that I can continue to improve my leadership and support their efforts. It is very helpful for me to track those trends and regularly check in on how I am doing. This makes me a stronger leader for my team and together we become a more unified group.

This week's fierce tip is to have a conversation with your boss or colleague about specifics with your performance. 

Whether you are an individual contributor or a leader, how do you get feedback on your efforts?

Sample questions to ask others are: 
- Where do you see me adding the most value?

- What feedback do you have for me with the work I am currently doing?

- Do you see opportunities for me to improve?

- How can I help you be most successful through my efforts?

Sometimes the feedback is not the easiest to hear. It takes bravery and people caring to share their honest perspective. For you, it takes guts and humility to truly listen. 

Regardless of the outcome, truly understanding others' perspectives unlocks so much potential for everyone.

So... What will you ask?


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