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Leadership Tips: Have Grace with Yourself

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It is the first full week of 2015. So I ask: How much pressure have you put on yourself for this week, this month, this year? It is the season. This time of year tends to be packed full of new goals, resolutions, and desires to be different.

Are you trying to be healthier? Be more on time? Do what you say you will? Go see more of the world? Be happier with the everyday moments? Whatever it is, you aren’t alone.

Whatever your goal is, treasure it. And ask yourself: How realistic is it? What will get in my way?

Break it down, so that you can see progress and have small wins. We shouldn’t expect things to change overnight, so why do you expect yourself to?

This week’s tip is to have grace with yourself and make your goals realistic.

Having grace is not easy. When you start to be hard on yourself, step back and take inventory on what you have accomplished. Ask yourself if your goal is still truly what you want. It is an important step to consistently evaluate goals and be able to decipher their attainability versus the inevitable setbacks.

Is having grace with yourself something that you need to work on? How are you approaching this conversation with yourself this year?


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