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Leadership Tips: It’s Not About Being Right

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How many of you know someone who would rather “be right” than happy? Rather “be right” than loved? Rather “be right” than successful?

Leaders often struggle with the idea that their job isn’t always to be right. It is to get it right – for everyone – the company and the results they produce.

Early in my career I worked at a commercial real estate company, and one of the brokers often went into meetings and would argue his opinion until his face was blue. People knew that he would defend his position no matter what, so they stopped sharing theirs. Do you know anyone like this?

As leaders, everything we say matters and holds weight. And going deeper, our intention in the conversation matters. Check-in with yourself about your intention when you present or share your ideas.

This week’s tip is to be aware when you go into a situation with the goal of being right about something. Then ask yourself: What am I gaining by having this approach? What could I gain if I engaged with new thoughts and ideas? Am I willing to let go of mine? These are important questions to answer to make sure you have a healthy mindset and are getting it right.

Although being right feels really good at times, in the end, it won’t always get you the results you want.


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