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Leadership Tips: It’s the Week of Love - Share Appreciation at Home

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This is the week of love in the United States. Valentine’s Day turns to the personal sides of our lives more than the professional, and to some, that may seem inappropriate for the workplace.

However, I argue, with greater significance than ever, we must care about our employees’ relationships outside of the workplace. Gone are the days that our personal lives don’t intertwine with our workplace conversations. In fact, it is directly related to personal satisfaction at work. Last year, we surveyed 1,000 working women about work/life balance, and 82.6% shared that having a fulfilling relationship with their partner was the primary attribute of having it all.

In Fierce Conversations, Susan Scott shares that we must discard the idea that our home and office conversations are quite different. She says, "When you squeeze an orange, what comes out of it? Orange juice. Why? Because that's what's inside it…When we get squeezed—when things aren't going well for us—what comes out of us? What ever's inside us." The point is that if your conversations at work are creating disappointing results, it is likely that you are getting the same at home. Or vice versa.

This week’s tip is to share appreciation with someone you love at home. While Valentine’s Day is portrayed as a time to give chocolates, jewelry, or nice gifts, use the occasion to share the gift of deep connection. Set aside some time to really connect with the person, and be specific with what you appreciate and give concrete examples. Warning: Warm fuzzies may ensue. That’s why it is called the week of love.

So, I ask: Who will you talk with this week? What do you appreciate?


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