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Leadership Tips: Know They Can Handle It  

Leadership Tips: Know They Can Handle It

Excuses, excuses, excuses. People make excuses all the time when it comes to not having the conversations they need to have. We hear this everywhere regardless of one’s title, location, or status.

One of the most common justifications to not have the conversation is the other person can’t handle it. Responses look like: They’ll get hurt. They’ll get defensive. They won’t talk about it.

The irony of this excuse is that the person saying it is the one who is scared, uncertain, or assumptive about the outcome. Don’t get me wrong, there are absolutely valid reasons for feeling tentative. You may have been burned in the past. Maybe Johnny in the Finance Department spoke up, and he is no longer with your company. Maybe someone in your family continues to show up the same way every time things get tough. So given those realities, there is absolutely skill in how you approach the conversations.

This means you need to prepare and practice. Yet you still need to do it.

Just remember, if your life succeeds or fails one conversation at a time, ensuring that these conversations take place is up to you. If you know that something needs to shift, you are the one responsible for it.

This week’s tip is to hold people able to handle the truth and the conversation that needs to happen. Do not make compromises for other people about what they can and can’t manage.

Engage and find out for yourself. The outcomes may surprise you.


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