Leadership Tips: Make a New Connection


In your busy week ahead, think about the many people you will interact with – on the phone, via email, in your neighborhood, and in elevators.

When you talk with them, will you ask questions and truly listen for the response? Or will you merely wait for your turn to talk?

As Susan Scott, Fierce Founder, states, “If you want to become a great leader, gain the capacity to connect with your colleagues and customers at a deep level…or lower your aim.”

We can spot from a mile away if someone is being genuine and cares.

This week’s tip is to make a new connection with someone in your life – inside or outside of the office. Schedule the time in your calendar for this effort. Make it a habit.

Some tried and true ways to connect:

    • Ask-questions and really listen.


    • Have a good laugh.


    • Share chocolate or some other treat.


    • Send a thoughtful note and follow-up.

It isn’t that complicated, yet time can slip away from us.

How will you practice connecting this week?  

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