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Leadership Tips: Make Your Conversation Resolution

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Congratulations for arriving to the new year! You are in this exact place as a result of all of your conversations in 2016. Yes all of them. The successful and the failed ones. The clean and the messy ones. The ones with tears and the ones with laughs. The ones you had to redo.

Each conversation brought you one step closer to this very moment, these exact results.

So I ask:When you look back, are you happy with the results this past year? What relationships are the most fulfilling? What achievements are you most proud of? What do you wish you would have approached differently? Who deserved more of your time?

When we take it seriously that we are navigating our lives one conversation at a time, it makes it less daunting to take on change because we know our job is to just show up, present and awake, for the conversations that need and want to take place.

This week's tip is to make a conversations resolution for 2017. Think about the conversations you want and need to have for the coming year and write them down. Think about how you want to show up in those conversations.

To get your mind jogging:

• Who needs an apology?
• Who deserves your praise?
• Who do you need to talk with to discuss what and where you want to go in 2017?
• What relationships need your attention?
• How will you show up in the conversations?

Write your resolution down, and put it in a place you often look. Or add it as a reminder on your phone, so that you get a daily reinforcement at the same time every day.

What is your conversation resolution?


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