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Leadership Tips: Make Your Own Luck

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Steve Jobs once said, “You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” I have always been intrigued by his statement, because the “something” he references seems very juicy. And it is an internal thing. Everyone can have it. So what makes some people have “it”? How do some people know they have “it”? Why do some people seem to always be searching for “it”?

This idea came up for me again last week when we kicked off our 2016 Fierce Lunch & Learn Series. Happiness expert and best-selling author, Neil Pasricha, talked with our team about his recently launched book, The Happiness Equation. The premise is to take common ideals about happiness and use research and tangible tips to help people be happier in their lives. One of the biggest takeaways for me was around how we create happiness in our lives. He shared that the common misconception is people think that if they do great work, then they have big success, and then they will be happy. That’s what we are all raised to think. However, he makes the case to flip it. You need to be happy first. After you choose to be happy, you then do great work, and then you have big successes.

So make your own luck by focusing on your happiness. Because the research shows that we need to invest in ourselves first – we must make the choice to be happy. Pasricha gave some proven ways to do this from journaling twenty minutes a night to taking at least three twenty minute walks in a week. These are very easy ways to invest in your happiness.

Neil’s message was a good nudge for me. I consider myself a pretty happy individual, and yet, I don’t have a plan for my happiness. I have plans for everything under the sun for my team members, for our marketing initiatives, for my fitness, for travel. My goal is to be more intentional about my happiness, and I will start with adding more meditation in my routine. (Yes, it is a fact, meditation does makes you happier.)

This week’s tip is to make your own luck by focusing on your happiness. So, what are going to do?


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