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Leadership Tips: Obey Your Instincts

Fierce-Tip-of-the-Week-Obey-Your-Instincts Leadership Tips: Obey Your Instincts - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

We’ve all experienced having a “gut feeling” during a conversation. It is an instinct that kicks in when we sense that there is something going on that is out of balance with ourselves or our surroundings.

The tip this week is to obey that instinct.

I know that, personally, there have been conversations where I did not obey my instincts and instead chose to ignore them. I kicked myself later for not taking the time or having the courage to explore them. On the flip side, I experience more productive and positive outcomes when I pay attention to those internal messages.

For example, when I sensed that my doctor and I were out of alignment in priorities and philosophies around my pregnancy and impending delivery, I chose to obey my instincts and dig deeper. As a result, I not only found a much better practitioner who was a better fit; I also felt incredibly empowered.

Your "gut" acts as an internal primal compass that, when truly tapped into, can serve as a powerful guide. The best part is that it happens automatically – you simply have to tune in and really listen.

This week, trust your gut, and see how your conversations shift.


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