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Leadership Tips: Own Your Point of View

BLOG-04.01.13 Leadership Tips: Own Your Point of View - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

When I first started at Fierce, I was repeatedly told by our CEO, Halley Bock, and my colleagues that if you work at Fierce you are expected to “show up”.

At first, I thought well…duh. If you are hiring me, I promise to come to the office and do my work. However, my time here has taught me that they weren’t just talking about being physically and mentally present; they were talking about a more holistic approach – to truly “show up” with my unique thoughts and  opinions.

This week, one way you can be present and show up inside your organization is to own your point of view. Have the courage to voice your specific opinion about an idea with others, even if it is an outlier.

If you share your opinions easily, perhaps flip the switch and ask those you rarely hear from how they see an issue.

Owning your point of view also means broadening your scope by learning from others.


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