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Leadership Tips: Plan for 5 Conversations

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A common belief that gets in everybody’s way about having Fierce Conversations is that the other person may not be fierce back. Newsflash: That doesn’t matter.

Fierce Conversations are not about somebody else needing to operate within the rules. In our workshops, we talk about how many of us probably know somebody about whom we feel: “There is no point in even trying to talk to that person, because…They won’t listen. They’ll get upset. They’ll get defensive, emotional, irrationally— they can’t handle it.”

The thing is, when we think that way, we will most likely avoid the conversation altogether. And that is not okay.

To kick start having the conversations you really need to have, we encourage people to answer core questions critical to your personal success. Here are five for you to start with:  

  1. What one experience do I most want to have my life?
  2. What do I most want to accomplish in my professional life?
  3. Who deserves praise or recognition from me?
  4. Who deserves an apology from me?
  5. If I could advise the CEO of my organization, what would I advise him/?

This week’s tip is to dig into these five questions and plan when you will have the conversations. With each question, determine who you need to have the conversation with and by when you will have it.

Which conversation will you have first? Why?


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