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Leadership Tips: Practice Patience - Relationships Aren’t Built Instantly

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We get what we want at a faster speed than ever before. Amazon delivers items in one hour. Starbucks provides coffee through a drive through. Uber arrives at your doorstep in a matter of minutes to take you anywhere you need to go. The list goes on and on; there are on-demand services for walking dogs, receiving massages, house cleaning, etc.

While our accessibility to products increases, we must remember that people are not things. To share a moment, to build a relationship, to better understand one another, there is not an on-demand option. It requires many conversations...and patience. Patience is becoming a rare mineral in this bustling world we live in.

Practice more patience in your conversations. Patience with yourself when a conversation doesn’t go the way you want it to. Patience with someone who brings an issue to you that seems unfounded. Patience with someone who tells you something you don't want to hear. Patience with a stranger. Patience with a friend.

This week's tip is to practice patience in your conversations. What derails your conversations? Or what we say in fierce, triggers you? In what situations do you feel least patient? Explore that. And with who? Your partner? Your kids? Your neighbors?

How will you practice this week? Gabe de Jong has a TEDx Talk called The Most Important Leadership Quality is Patience, and he recommends you using a simple tip of counting to ten to be a little more patient in life. Seems easy enough, right?


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