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Leadership Tips: Provide Autonomy

Leadership Tips: Provide Autonomy

With engagement levels of employees at an all time low, many organizations are looking at what they can do in order to engage the hearts and the minds of their teams.

While there is no one single right answer, our Fierce Whitepaper, What Employees Really Think About Best Practices: Survey Uncovers 3 Things Employees Crave, shows that the top highest rated practices are Transparency, Autonomy, and Responsiveness. Nearly 50% of those responded identify the most beneficial practices as those that encourage accountability, development, and individual empowerment within the organization.

Autonomy does just that. As defined in the Fierce whitepaper, autonomy provides people with the freedom to make appropriate decisions which ensures employees remain focused and engaged.

This week, ask yourself: Do I provide my team the necessary level of autonomy to be active and engaged in their work? Are they clear on where they can act and when they need to check in?

Don't make assumptions. If you're unclear, have the conversation and ask.


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