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Leadership Tips: Provide Feedback

Fierce Tip Provide Feedback- Fierce, Inc.

This week in your conversations focus your attention outwards and take advantage of opportunities to provide constructive feedback.

The ability to thoughtfully articulate and explain areas where a project, a peer, or direct report could improve is extremely valuable. There can be hesitancy to provide feedback because of a fear that it can be misinterpreted or taken the wrong way.

What holds you back from sharing your views? Explore how you’ve received and given feedback in the past. Let this week be a new chance to share your opinions in a positive way with others!

Moving forward, when you want to provide your point of view on a project or how someone could develop themselves further.

Keep in mind the four objectives of a Fierce Conversation: Interrogate Reality, Tackle a Though Challenge, Provoke Learning, and Enrich the Relationship. Think about how you would want to receive feedback, and that the point of sharing this information is to move both their professional development and the relationship forward.

On the flip side, if you receive feedback this week, welcome it with open arms. If it’s not given in the most constructive way possible, share that feedback with the person who gave it to you.

Think of the growth that could happen!


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