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Leadership Tips: Reflect on Your Generation

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I am proud to be a millennial. And this is despite the many demoralizing stereotypes.

It may be weird, but yes, I do prefer face-to-face conversations when I have a difficult topic to talk about with someone. I also am not a serial job hopper; I can actually be loyal to a fault. I also don’t expect to get something unless I work very hard, and then if I achieve it, I work more to share gratitude for all the people who inevitably helped along the way.

Yes, I am not the stereotypical millennial. However, I do not believe the publicized generalizations apply to most of my millennial peers.

That’s the thing - it is an amazing time to be in business. Sometimes it seems easiest to just keep bucketing people in a way that “makes sense” and allows us to feel more comfortable. The landscape is constantly changing, and we are learning as we go with the tremendous amount of change in data and technology. This applies to all of us – Gen Y, Boomer, and Millennial alike.

This week’s tip is to reflect on your generation. How would you describe it in your own words? What are you most proud of? What do you think is most misunderstood? Please share, I really want to know. #fiercegenreflection

At the end of the day, the progress of the world is dependent on each of us – each generation. Let’s get curious and really listen.

Start with yourself. Using sweeping generalizations rarely have propelled the world in a positive way. The power is in truly connecting with purpose.


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