Leadership Tips: Resolve Your Outstanding Conflict

BLOG-08.05.13 Leadership Tips: Resolve Your Outstanding Conflict - Fierce, Inc.

In our Fierce Conversations training, the Confrontation model is typically the first module people want to know about. No office, no life for that matter, is without conflict.

If you’re a leader you should consider your team a great success if there is discord, if people challenge one another's ideas, if leaders address behavioral and attitude issues.

This week’s Fierce tip encourages you to begin to resolve any outstanding conflict you have by having the confrontation conversation. If you need some tips, check out Fierce President and CEO, Halley Bock’s blog here.

The cost for keeping this conflict unresolved is large for your company and yourself. The most poignant takeaway the first time I went through Fierce Confrontation was this: It is not the conversation we have that should alarm us; it’s the ones we don’t have that should scare us to our core.

So, what can you move to resolve?

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