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Leadership Tips: Respect Others


This week Fierce joins the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) community at their 12th Annual Northwest Conference in Portland, Oregon. PBIS's mission is to provide a framework; it helps focus the conversation on the positive behavioral outcomes we want for our next generation. It involves schools, families, and their communities together.

A concept that is talked a lot about within the PBIS community is respect. How do we learn to respect others? How do we learn to respect ourselves?

The most simplistic answer is that it starts with how we talk with one another. How we are present with one another? To achieve positive relationships into adulthood, we must teach our children the concept of respect from birth and continue to add to the conversation as they enter school and beyond. 

This week, as adults, think about the concept of respect. How do you show others that you respect them? What kind of conversations do you have to have in order to build a respectful relationship?

Then ask yourself: Am I doing this with my children?


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