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Leadership Tips: Restore Your Energy

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I recently heard Tony Schwartz, President & CEO of The Energy Project, speak at an employee engagement conference. His company focuses on helping organizations fuel sustainable high performance by better meeting the core needs of their employees.

Schwartz’s recent book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, makes the case that we’re neglecting the four key needs that energize great performance: physical (renewal), emotional (value), mental (boundaries), and spiritual (purpose). His background in working with athletes is quite analogous to employees. We need to feel healthy and strong to perform at our best. And yet, we often do not focus on our physical needs. Even worse, for many leaders, their health and energy (how they actually feel) is something that they “deal with” as opposed to focusing on and improving.  

So my plea to you: Pay attention to how you act during the week when demand is high. Do you work long hours? Do you take breaks? Do you get less sleep and exercise? Do you eat more or less healthy food? Do you skip lunch? This week’s tip is to find ways to restore your energy. Try new strategies to put your health and energy first.

Your results, in all aspects of your life, are directly dependent on your ability to have the energy to achieve them. Period.

So when things get crazy, check-in with yourself and readjust if needed.

There’s only one of you, and we need you in the workplace…with as much energy as possible.  


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