Leadership Tips: Say Thanks!

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In the United States this week, many of us will gather around a dinner table with our friends and families to celebrate Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday, even as a little girl, has always been Thanksgiving. First, I truly enjoy every single dish that the traditional turkey dinner has to offer and, more importantly, I love that its main purpose is to be with the ones you love and say thanks.

This week’s Fierce tip is about having many conversations this week expressing your thanks out loud!

This thanksgiving I will say thanks to my newly born daughter, my husband, and our families who have supported us through this new time in our lives. I’ll say thanks to Fierce and my family here at work, who make coming into the office each day a true joy. I’ll say thanks to our clients who work so hard to make their organizations places where people can communicate authentically and openly with so much passion.

This week also unofficially kicks off the start of the holiday season and all the hoopla that holidays entail. So take this occasion to slow down, before the rush for the best new gadget, toy, and black Friday deal begins and enjoy this opportunity to say thanks.

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