Leadership Tips: Say What Can't Be Said

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This week’s Fierce tip is to say something that “can’t be said.”

Regardless of your title or position, there are moments where your knee-jerk reaction is to not say something (that your gut tells you that you should say) to your colleague, your boss, or your team.

For example, imagine you are in a meeting with a colleague who is really in love with an idea that you think will never work. Or another example, imagine confronting a member of your team about the behavior that you feel really has to change. These are the conversations with your name on them.

This week take one moment where you feel you should stay quiet, and instead, decide to speak up. Leverage confronting a situation and get curious to gain clarity. Obey your instincts.

People respond deeply to those who level with us. This week, strive to be the person who levels with someone.

It may just be the game changer.

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