Leadership Tips: Say What You Really Think

Say What You Think

Alethophobia is an intense, abnormal or illogical fear of the truth.

In Fierce Leadership, Susan Scott asks, “How many times have you told someone – your boss, a colleague, a customer, your spouse – what you thought he or she wanted to hear, rather than what you were really thinking? Painted a false, rosy version of reality, glossing over problems or pretending they simply didn’t exist?”

This happens often. The thing is…we have legitimate reasons for why we don’t want to fully disclose. Perhaps it has destroyed a relationship in your past, and you don’t want to do that again. Perhaps you have seen someone lose their job over disclosing more, and you happen to like your job. Maybe you truly don’t believe it is your place to say what you notice or feel (this is a popular one).

The kicker is that not sharing the whole truth is more costly in the end. If you are out of integrity with yourself or others, research shows that it damages your health and wellbeing. Organizations and families, not sharing the truth can lead to loss of time, money, and/or complete failure to thrive.

Fierce leaders want to know the truth…and in turn, also have to share the truth.

This week’s tip is to share what you really think and feel. It takes courage and guts. Don’t make excuses.

What areas in your life are you strongest and weakest at fully being real?