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Leadership Tips: Stay Healthy

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It is that time of year again in North America. The days are shorter, and you most likely go into the office when it is still dark. And leave when it is dark too. It’s called winter.

The seasonal change can often foster reflection and nesting, which are very positive. However, if your office is like Fierce’s headquarters lately, people are battling colds, and the collaborative goal is to keep them from spreading (easier said than done).

Office health and wellbeing has been a growing topic of focus in the past few years. You can see it from Arianna Huffington’s focus on sleep to the growing revolution of mindfulness to the at-your-fingertips access to personal health, employees are paying attention. The 2016 Consumer Health Mindset Report reveals that while employees perceive that health and wellness support through their employers has improved — there is still room to grow. In this report, it focuses on the growing influence of millennials:

All consumers would prefer an employer to focus on physical and emotional/mental wellness, though over half ranked financial well-being in the top two as well. However, Millennials are more likely to rank social well-being in the top two considerations for resource allocation compared with other generations—potentially making it more important to consider in the future.

This week’s tip is to encourage your leaders and employees to take care of themselves and stay healthy. Here are some high level recommendations to keep in mind:

    • Encourage people to work remotely (if possible) when they are not feeling well. Good employees feel lucky to have the flexibility and care that comes from making their health important.
    • Hold workshops and education on healthy practices. When people learn how to eat healthier and take care of themselves, it sets an environment where personal well-being is deemed a priority. 
    • Model healthy work/life blend. When leaders do, their employees feel safe to take care of their own lives as well. Sometimes this can mean gathering your leaders around and talking about what this means and doesn’t mean.

Does your organization focus on staying healthy? If so, how? 


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