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Leadership Tips: Stop Your Excuses

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Where in your work life do you make the most excuses? What are the most common ones?

Some typical excuses I’ve heard in offices:

    • I don’t have anyone to delegate to.


    • I’m better than the person that was just promoted.


    • My workload is too big.

The thing about excuses is that they are often grounded in some truth. It can be true that you do not have enough resources to complete something. Or you don’t have the right people on your team.

However, excuses become a problem when you dwell on them and don’t do anything about it. So instead of dwelling, at Fierce we recommend you reflect and say: “given x, what am I going to do about it?”


    • Given I don’t have anyone to delegate to, I’m going to…


    • Given I’m better than the person that was just promoted, I’m going to…


    • Given my workload is too big, I’m going to…

The person in the driver’s seat is you. You are in control. Stop pointing your fingers outside of yourself, and instead, look within.

This week’s tip is to stop your excuses this week. When you feel tempted to talk about why something can’t happen, pull yourself back. Ask: What am I going to do about this?

As Susan Scott says in Fierce Leadership, “In a very real sense, the progress of my organization depends on my progress as an individual now.”


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