Leadership Tips: Tackle a Tough Challenge



Summer is upon us and there can be definite desire to pull back and move into more auto-pilot mode. Blame it on the lingering memories of summer vacations away from school or the warmer weather; it can be hard to stay motivated over the next couple of months.

That’s why this week, it is important to engage your mind and heart. Tackle a tough challenge instead of procrastinating.

Perhaps it’s a responsibility you’ve been putting off that weighs on your mind or a topic with someone you’ve been avoiding. Whatever the challenge is, think of how much more enjoyable these summer months will be, knowing it’s taken care of and you’re free to relax and enjoy life.  Travel more lightly.

If that’s not reason enough, take a moment and add up in your mind how much energy you’ve spent avoiding your challenge. That time is now lost, and that pattern can stop this week.

Think of all the other productive things you could do now that time spent avoiding that challenge is freed up.

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