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Leadership Tips: Take It Personally

Leadership Tips: Take It Personally

In Fierce Conversations, we believe the phrases “Don’t take this personally” and “Don’t take yourself so seriously” are misguided suggestions. Do take it personally; do take yourself seriously.

Work is deeply personal. And so is leading others. Leading anything in your life, for that matter.

Instead of turning the other direction when your idea is rejected or something doesn’t go your way, stick with it. It is important to lean into those situations. Don’t shut yourself down or brush it off.

For example, when one of my team’s marketing concepts is scrutinized, it is impossible to not feel some emotion or level of disappointment. Instead of becoming apathetic, acknowledge that the work is personal. And that we want to get it right, because we all care. (If we didn’t care, there wouldn’t be emotions.)

And then the next step is to get curious and ask questions.

This week’s tip is to take your work fiercely personal.  

Having purpose and meaning are greatly tied to our happiness. Where can you apply this most?


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