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Leadership Tips: ‘Tis the Season to Delegate

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It is common this time of year to have less employees (and focus) in the office. With holiday trips, family visits, and general festivities, people have their time and priorities stretched very thin. So now is the time to get creative about who and how projects get completed.

Consider this: We are rounding out a new year, and when we interview leaders, people often want to take on new things at this time of year. That perfectly aligns with the opportunity to take on new tasks when people are away.

This week’s tip is to use delegation as a way to get more things accomplished during the holiday season. Well in advance of your departure, identify team members or colleagues who either have experience with similar opportunities or who have shown aptitude in other areas and an interest in yours. Clearly outline the level of decisions they can make around each item and how you would like those decisions communicated.

Then it is time to let go and trust the process. If you are a Type-A control freak, know that you have set-up the decision-making strategy. Have confidence. And if anything goes differently than expected or needs course correction, you can discuss it post-holiday.

Instead of being stressed this time of year, engage your team members to help get things done.

Bonus gift? You will definitely learn more about yourself and each other.


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