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Leadership Tips: When Is Silence Golden?

BLOG-10.14.13 Leadership Tips: When Is Silence Golden? - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

As we enter the third week of the U.S. Government shut down, the topics of leadership, conversations, and relationship are all around us. It’s in moments like this, when nobody is actually communicating, that it becomes so clear how important the conversation is.

In our leadership training we talk a lot about letting silence do the heavy lifting, and in Washington, they are practicing this principal to an extreme. Which got me thinking, could there be moments when there should be no silence? Perhaps there are times when silence is not golden, and the very nature of your role demands that you don't leave people hanging.

This week take a look at your world and ask yourself: Should I make more noise about this?

I’m not suggesting this week you be tyrannical or talk over people. Instead, I hope you challenge your own beliefs on whether you’re playing it safe under the guise of silence.


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