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Learning through Conversations

BLOG-05.08.131 Learning through Conversations - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

Savvy businesses have learned that in order to keep their employees engaged, they need to provide continual learning opportunities. These same savvy companies usually provide continued academic learning options, seminars, workshops, and training to develop their talent and keep a competitive edge. However, they might just be missing another learning opportunity, and that is investing in important quality time for their employees to have different types of conversations together.

It can be hard to make the case for quality time to have conversations. The world moves fast, and it is common for many to leave the office with a mounting to-do list waiting for them the next day.

However, within your organization you probably have a wealth of knowledge that lives in the minds of your employees and is not written down. A productive way to unlock this information and increase engagement is to allow opportunities for teams and other departments to connect.

At Fierce, each month we do a Lunch and Learn. In these sessions, someone from the team brings knowledge about something that impacts our organization or a broader topic that they have expertise about. Those who want to attend come to discuss the topic, learn, and explore how it applies to their work. It’s a time for our team to expand our minds intellectually as well as build stronger relationships with each other through the conversations that take place in the room.

Within your organization, how can you use conversations to learn more?


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