Let’s Talk About Toxic Employees: Do You Know Any?


At ATD International Conference & Expo yesterday, Fierce Founder and CEO, Susan Scott, rocked the house in her session Toxic Employees: The Best Techniques for Managing Them. She discussed how we've all worked with toxic employees, and how perhaps, at one point we've even been one.

There are key trends that create toxic employees in the workplace. They include when people:

    1. Are disengaged.


    1. Feel overworked.


    1. Feel stressed.


    1. Feel undervalued.


    1. Are given anonymous feedback.

Which one do you see most in your organization? What do you notice about toxic employees?

Take our Toxic Employee survey here. It explores how you and your employer feel about the attitudes of colleagues, positive and negative, and how these attitudes impact workplace relationships, culture, and the bottom line.

We’re excited to hear your thoughts. If you attended the ATD session yesterday, what were your takeaways?

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