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Lower Operating Costs through Collaboration


This month we'll join healthcare professionals in Houston, Texas for the Talent Management People in Healthcare Summit. The healthcare industry is an industry all about people, and the conversations that do or do not happen are critical to the success of the organizations that make patient care their top priority.

A challenge facing many leaders within the healthcare industry is how to keep a high quality of care when faced with ever rising operation costs.

One of the great ways leaders can engage teams and save money is through collaboration. Fierce client, Presbyterian Senior Living  (PSL) faced the challenge of having 25 locations across four regions, where the different locations provided different services to varying types of clients. A question that arose for them was how could leadership ensure that employees were engaged and felt empowered to problem solve at a local level so that their customers and the bottom line benefited?

The key is a common language. When there is a shared understanding, employees are able to leverage and ensure miscommunication is minimal.

Presbyterian Senior Living used the Fierce Team model, also known as the beach ball model, as an inclusive approach to planning and conducting meetings. This ensured employees participated and offered their perspectives. This type of collaboration conversation ultimately saved them money.

"One executive director of a center told us about a beach ball conversation that saved over $321,000 of revenue," said Brian Parks, Executive Director at St. Andrews Village a PSL location. "They weren't capturing all the reimbursement they could because the team was not working well together" added MaryAnne Adamczyk, Senior Vice President Corporate Relations at PSL. "They now use the beach-ball conversation model to delve into problems."

When you provide your leaders with a tool so they can tap into the knowledge of their teams, you not only tap into a wealth of information, you provide the opportunity for your employees to help boost the bottom line.

Are you attending the People in Health Care Summit? If so, what conversations are you looking forward to having?

Read the full Presbyterian Senior Living story.


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