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Making the Case for Radical Transparency

BLOG-12.04.13 Making the Case for Radical Transparency - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

"Everywhere, people are hungry to connect, to be seen and known as the unique individuals that they are, and this has an immediate and powerful impact on how we design business strategies and market our products and services, and ultimately, on whether our businesses succeed or fail." - Susan Scott, Fierce Leadership: A Bold Alternative to the Worst "Best" Practices of Business Today

As humans, it's not uncommon to ask ourselves: What's in it for me? As a leader, when you have so many decisions and responsibilities on your plate, it's not crazy to think that you'll look at your options and make choices that benefit you. However, the mark of an effective leader is not that you ask what's in it for me. It's more than that. It's really a question of, as a leader, what do you hold in high esteem so that what you value is beneficial to others?

I chose this passage from Fierce Leadership, because I believe, to my core, that what we all crave is the recognition of who we are as individuals. We all want the opportunity to connect with others and to feel enough trust to connect back. Highly effective leaders recognize this need and hold it in high esteem.

Two years ago Fierce founder and author, Susan Scott, did a TEDx Talk, in which she makes the case for radical transparency in leadership. I had the pleasure of being at the event and the impact has stayed with me to this day. Transparency is a must in any relationship that is interested in the unique individual.

We have such a fundamental need to know one another and yet that desire gets lost in doing "business".

Watch the video and please share your thoughts. I'm curious if you feel the same way.

Susan Scott TEDx Talk


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