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Managing vs. Coaching? In Today’s Workplace, You Really Need Both


This week’s Fierce Resource comes from and was written by Laura Stack.

It's a difficult choice to choose between managing and coaching, and at times, they are one in the same, and many times they are independent skills that produce differing results. Managing vs. Coaching? In Today's Workplace, You Really Need Both shares observations about what it means to be a manager and the skill set that is expected.

What skill set do you use to manage your team? Do you use a coaching framework in your daily interactions or do you find yourself going into advice giving mode?

"The combination of mental work, social interaction, project juggling, time management challenges, high pressure, responsibility, and variability makes it among the more demanding types of work any person can take on. The hours are terrible and the stress is inevitable."

To read the full article, click here.


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