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Map: The Sad State of Global Workplace Engagement

130607-blog Map: The Sad State of Global Workplace Engagement - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

This week's Fierce Resource was published yesterday on the Harvard Business Review blog and was written by Gretchen Gavett and Scott Berinato.

Map: The Sad State of Globlal Workplace Engagement; takes the 2011-2012 World Wide Gallup workplace report and creates an eye-opening interactive map that helps you understand the results. With only 13% engagement world-wide, something is definitely amiss.

"Our map shows engagement data on the countries polled by Gallup, and includes regional insights into where the problems lie — and how they might be fixed. The numbers only include people who work for an employer, and stretch across industries and sectors."

To view the entire article and experience the interactive map, click here.


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