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Millennials: A New Generation is Reshaping the Workplace

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by INC and examines how Millennials are reshaping today’s workforce.

Over a third of today’s workforce in the United States is currently comprised of Millennial workers, and this number is constantly growing. In the last few years, Millennials have surpassed Generation X to become the dominant generation in the workplace and it is becoming increasingly important for companies to understand what Millennials want in order to attract and retain top talent.

Per Sylvia Ann Hewlett, research from the Center for Talent Innovation (PDF) identifies three areas of focus that are important to this generation that progressive companies are taking note of.

1. A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace – As the most diverse generation in the workforce to date, with 44.2 percent identifying as non-Hispanic white in the latest census, an inclusive and diverse workplace is incredibly important. Millennials desire a work environment that mirrors their beliefs and values and provides the chance to work with people of different gender, culture, ethnicity, and sexual orientations.

2. Flexible Work Arrangements – With most Millennials in dual-career families or relationships, flexible work arrangements become a very desirable perk to ensure work-life balance. Per a Ernst & Young 2015 study, Millennials would like to have a flexible work schedule and still be able to grow within the company.

Read the third area of focus and the rest of the article here.


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