Millennials Strive for Work/Life Balance

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One of the worst things someone could say about me is that I am lazy. As a Gen Y’er who has held a job since I was fourteen, nothing is a bigger source of pride for me than the fact that I have always worked hard.

As a result, I already qualify for some social security benefits due to the almost fifteen years of paying into the system. And I actually brag about this!

That being said, there is nothing I look for more in an employer than one that makes work/life balance a top priority.

Each generation strives to do things a little differently than the one before. Better or worse, we hope to make a mark, something that will define us.

Picking up from previous generations, Generation Y chases the pursuit of having it all- a successful career we’re passionate about, time to volunteer our service, friends, and a family. We don’t want to comprise anything.

What does this mean for organizations?

While our goals may be lofty, we hope our employers will support us.

My grandfather was a manager at Boeing in the golden years of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. He tells stories of a fellow executive who, half way down to Disneyland with the family packed in the car, pulled the vehicle around because he received a call that his boss needed him back at the plant.

This type of imbalance leaves some millennials’ blood running cold.

For many, the work/life balance doesn’t just apply to not working too many hours in the office. Companies with progressive Maternity and Paternity Policies, Grievance Policies, and PTO days are ones that draw a younger generation of workers to commit to the organization on a deep and personal level.

I know that I will work hard for any company that hires me. The key is whether I’ll stay, should another opportunity arise.

While a company might see its workforce changing from one generation to the next, the need to retain its best and brightest stays the same.

Ask yourself: can your company compete? As a millennial, what do you look for in an employer?

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